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Chau, with an area of a little under one km2, was a stopover for travelling between neighboring islands and a major industrial island. Following the decline of local industries, Peng Chau has become a quiet and leisurely island.
Peng Chau PierNam WanFinger HillTung WanTai Lung TsuenTung WanPier
Peng CHau Ferry Pier
A solitray pavillion
Back to the main trail
Alight at the public pier and head right until the end of the well-paved waterfront. Turn left to enter the village and slightly ascend to Yuen Tung Monastery by the public toilet. Head right and follow the country trail.
Sea view from the pavillion
Coastal View of Finger Hill
Nim Shue Wan at the farther side
Make a left turn at the next crossing and then turn right to a pavillion. Stay to the right and another pavillion facing the sea come into sight.

Take a rest there and retrace the steps to the main trail and ascend the trail. Climb up the steps to Finger Hill. Descend from the other side and go back to the pavillion. Head right and follow the country trail towards Tung Wan. After reaching the barbeque site, take the path on the left and head straight at the next branch. You may turn right at the following branch and descend to a pier.

Head back and make a right turn to a pavillion and turn left at the next crossing and go back Tung Wan and the pier.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Ferry Central - Peng Chau
(Get Off : Peng Chau)
--- --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Same As Above
Route Peng Chau Pier Nam Wan Finger Hill
Time   1 hr  
  Tung Wan Tai Lung Tsuen
  15 min    
  Tung Wan Ferry Pier    
2.5 hours
5 km
Store at Tung Wan
Go back to the pier after decending from Finger Hill
  • Bring a map as many branches are not signposted
  • Beware of stray dogs near Finger Hill
Peng Chau is short of fantastic sight seeing spots and well-marked trails, yet it is a simple and quiet island suitable for family outing.
Compared to the crowded and bustling Cheung Chau, Peng Chau is far more relaxing even though the views are less attractive. The trail building alongside the waterfront is going to be completed in the near future. Hopefully it would improve the hiking network on this island.
Hiking : 21 Jan 2005
Revised : 4 Jan 2011