Rock, sitting on the hill slope of Lion Rock, resembles a woman carrying a baby. Legend has it that the wife of a fisherman, climbed up the hill with her son everyday, in hopes for the return of her husband. Without learning the fisherman’s death, one day she climbed up the hill as usual and the merciful Goddess of the Sea turned them into a rock for her loyalty.
Tsz Wan KokShatin PassAmah RockHung Mui Kuk
A hovering black kite
Sun in the clouds
The silhouette of Amah Rock
Disembark at the staircase behind Tsz Wan Shan North Bus Terminus. Follow the concrete steps and climb up to Shatin Pass. By the restaurant, follow the Wilson Trail and then descend to the catchwater. Continue on the catchwater until seeing an Amah Rock signpost on the left. Take the path opposite to the signpost and take the Hung Mui Kuk Nature Trail to Hung Mui Kuk.
Starting Point Route Duration
Minibus No. 37A Wong Tai Sin Railway Station - Tsz Wan Shan (North)
(Get Off : Tsz Wan Shan (North) Bus Terminus)
15 min
Bus No. 2F‧3C‧3M‧3P‧15A To Tsz Wan Shan (North)
(Get Off : Bus Terminus)
End Point Route Duration
Bus No. 80‧81C‧81M‧81P‧85

To Various Destinations

(Get On : Hung Mui Kuk)

1.5 hours
5.5 km
Restaurant at Shatin Pass
At Shatin Pass, follow the Shatin Pass Road back to Tsz Wan Shan North Bus Terminus
This is an easy walk without open views and the later section is predominated by a boring trail along the catchwater.
Having disappointed by the graffiti last time, we decided not to visit the Amah Rock again. The backlit rock looked much better in the distance.
Hiking : 25 Dec 2009
Revised : 16 Jul 2011