Hill, located in the south of Hong Kong Island, sits the Ocean Park with cable cars connecting the northern and southern park areas.
Nam Long Shan RoadBrick HillSham Wan Road
Set off at the bus terminus of Nam Long Shan Road. Walk up the road, pass the rest garden and then turn left climbing the concrete trail to a pavillion.
Aberdeen Channel
Sham Shui Kok
Nicely paved trail
Eye-catching flowers
Summit of Brick Hill
Middle Island to the right
Ocean Park's cable cars
Interesting scene
Going uphill
Continue on the steps and ascend to a lookout where an another pavillion stands. Join the dirt path behind the pavillion towards a helicopter landing field. Afterwards go back the same way you came and return to the Canadian International School. Take the flight of steps next to the school and descend to Sham Wan Road.
Deep Water Bay
Black Kite
Ocean Park
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 48 Wah Fu North - Sham Wan
(Get Off : Wong Chuk Hang)
--- --- Details
Bus No. 107 Kowloon Bay - Wa Kwai Estate
(Get Off : Chan Pak Sha School, Nam Long Shan Road)
--- --- Details
Minibus No. 59 Kennedy Town (North Street) - Shum Wan Road Public Transport Terminus
(Get Off : Transport Terminus)
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End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 48‧72A‧75‧97A Sham Wan - Various Destinations
(Get On : Sham Wan)
--- --- Details
Route Nam Long Shan Road Brick Hill Sham Wan Road
Time   55 min   35 min  
1.5 hours
3.5 km
Leave by taking the steps near the Canadian International School
Brick Hill offers sweeping sea view over Deep Water Bay, Middle Island as well as a lookout for watching the Ocean Park’s cable cars.
Feeling tired, we considered taking a relaxed walk and hkhikers’ travelogue about Brick Hill crossed by mind. We followed their steps, climbing up to the first resting place, where we heard visitors screaming with joy in the Ocean Park. On the contrary, not a soul could be seen en route to the top except a dog-walker.

Reaching the summit, in addition to admiring the scenic view, we watched the colorful cable cars travelling between the southern and northern parts of the park, which is an interesting and unique feature of the route.

Hiking : 1 Aug 2010
Revised : 3 May 2011