in Sai Kung East, Chek Keng is a seashore lowland facing Chek Keng Hau. The village by the coast had a population of over 100 in the 60s.

Chek Keng is at the hub of hiking trail network in Sai Kung East. Ferry services operate daily between Ma Liu Shui / Wong Shek and Tap Mun, both stop over at Chek Keng public pier. It offers lots of campground with basic amenities such as toilets and water supply, making it a favourable campground in the region.

Pak Tam AuChek KengChek Keng Pier
The starting point is at the pavilion opposite the bus stop at Pak Tam Au, which is also the finishing point of the MacLehose Trail Stage 2. Follow along the concrete path and go downhill. Turn right at the crossing (the path to the left leads to To Kwa Peng) and head to the Youth Hostel. The path then runs along the seashore. After passing the village, continue on the path, turn left at the next crossing (the path to the right climbs up to Tai Long Au) and head to the pier.
赤徑This may be the only vantage overlooking the mudflat of Chek Keng
Sharp Peak
Chek Keng Hau at low tide
The Youth Hostel
Starting Point Route Duration
Minibus No. 7 Sai Kung Town - Hoi Ha
(Get Off : Pak Tam Au)
Bus No. 94 Sai Kung Town - Wong Shek
(Get Off : Pak Tam Au)
Bus No. 96R
Diamond Hill Railway Station- Wong Shek
(Get Off : Pak Tam Au)
Finishing Point Route Duration
Ferry Grass Island - Wong Shek
(Get On: Chek Keng)
10 min
Ferry Grass Island - Ma Liu Shui
(Get On: Chek Keng)
(Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)
Wong Shek - Wan Chai - Chek Keng - Wong Shek
(Get On: Chek Keng)
Speed Boat*
(irregular service)
Chek Keng - Wong Shek
(Get On: Chek Keng)
5 min
*The speedboat operators may not have the license to provide such service. Please assess the risks involved and consider the insurance issues before boarding.
Duration 1 hour
Distance 3.5 km
Supply None
Exit None
Note None
SummaryThis is a leisurely stroll especially suited for family outing, which offers views of the offshore mudflat and the Sharp Peak soaring in Sai Kung east.
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Revised : 12 Aug 2015