Chau, in the shape of a dumbbell, is the most populated outlying island in Hong Kong. It is most famous for its Bun Festival and well-developed holiday houses.
Cheung Chau Ferry PierCheung Chau WanTai Kwai WanTung Wan TsaiPak Kok TsuiTung WanKwun Yam WanFa PengNam Tam WanCemeteryPak Tso WanPo Yue WanCheung Po Tsai CaveSai WanFerry Pier
Alighting at the pier, head left and walk along the waterfront. Pass the ice-making factory, take the uphill road by the information board. Farther on, climb the stone steps on the left. As the path levels out, interesting rocks in various shapes tcome into view including a hawk, a lizard and a gorilla head. From there, head towards the pavilions, which are lovely lookouts for the view of Tung Wan.
Getting close to the pier
Country Trail along the waterfront
Tai Kwai Wan
Tung Wan Tsai
A Black Kite flying over Eagle Rock
Gecko’s head
Pak Kok Tsui
Gorilla’s head
The shark is opening its jaw
A well-paved trail
Tung Wan
Descend the concrete path on the other side of the pavilion, make a left turn and stay to main path on the left to Tung Wan. Follow the coastline and climb uphill after passing the water sports centre. Then head left to climb the steps up to the pavilion. Follow the nicely-pave path to take a look of more interesting weathered rocks like Human Head Rock, Flower Vase Rock and the rock resembling an Imperial Jade Seal. Head back to the Human Head Rock and climb the steps up to Fa Peng, make a left turn at Fa Peng Knoll, then skirt around the seminary and walk towards Nam Tam Wan. Take the steps beside the temple to Peak Road, follow all the way to Reclining Rock via the villages and cemetery.
Walking towards Pak Kok Tsui
Little white flower
Butterfly with name unknown
West Lamma Channel
Imperial Jade Seal
Chestnut Angle
Seems to be eggs of butterfly
Reclining Rock
Po Yue Wan
From there, join the concrete path and pass through a narrow path between boulders. At the next crossing, take the side path on the left to Cheung Po-tsai Cave and then return to the crossing. Follow the main route and return to the pier.
It looks like falling
A platform at Po Yue Wan
A path between boulders
Starting Point Route Duraiton Fare Operating Hour
Ferry Central - Cheung Chau
(Get Off : Cheung Chau)
--- --- Details
Ferry (Inter Islands) Peng Chau - Mui Wo - Chi Ma Wan- Cheung Chau
(Get Off : Cheung Chau)
--- --- Details
End Point Route Duraiton Fare Operating Hour
Sam As Above
5 hours
13 km
Store at Tung Wan
There are exits at Tung Wan, Nam Wan and cemetery respectively
  • Bring a map as the trails are not signposted
  • Bring a torch and walk with care insdie the slippery Cheung Po Tsai Cave
Though there are many branches and the trails are not properly marked with signposts, Cheung Chau is an fantastic island for both sight seeing and hiking. One would be fascinated by the numerous weathered rocks and the interesting footpath underneath boulders.
Imagination is a must for appreciating the weathered rocks along the route.
Hiking : 4 Aug 2004
Revised : 17 Aug 2010