Tsui is a headland lying in the eastern corner of Sai Kung. Stretching from Tung Wan Shan, it extends eastward to the Pacific Ocean.

The headland can be reached by taking the major trail starting at the southeastern slope of Tung Wan Shan, either via Ham Tin or Mai Fan Teng. The trail follows along the ridge to the headland. At the tip it turns and dips onto a grassland, an undesignated campground with seasonal supply of stream water, and then joins back to the main path.

Sai Wan PavillionTsui Tung AuSai WanHam Tin WanTai WanTung WanTung Wan ShanCheung Tsui CampgroundCheung TsuiTung Wan ShanTung WanTai WanHam Tin WanTai Long AuChek Keng To Kwa PengUk Tau
Ham Tin Wan
東灣看長咀Cheung Tsui
Tung Wan Beach
Unique colors of Tung Wan
Tung Wan
Weather turning fine
Alight at Sai Wan pavilion, take the concrete path by the map board and head to Chui Tung Au. Join the MacLehose Trail Stage 2 and proceed to Ham Tin via Sai Wan. Take the small footpath behind Ham Tin Village and head to Tai Wan. Follow the hidden path at the northern end of the Tai Wan beach and then continue on the path which then dips down to Tung Wan.

Take the path at the northeastern side of the lawn and follow the path at the middle slope of Tung Wan Shan. Turn right at the crossing and follow along the ridge of Cheung Tsui. Make a left turn at the next crossing and descent to the undesignated campground. Take the gravelly path at the southeasterly direction and climb up to the tip of Cheung Tsui, where you can join the main path and head back to the path at the middle slope of Tung Wan Shan.

From there, take the downhill path by the big boulder. At the southwestern side of the Tung Wan beach, follow the hidden path by the cliff and return to the main path leading back to Tai Wan and Ham Tin Wan Village. Follow the MacLehose Trail Stage 2 all the way to Chek Keng.

Rolling hills
A mini Sharp Peak
Burning wheel on the rocks
Anglers on the islet
A commemorative plaque
There's path leading to the tip
Breeze blowing
Blending of sea and sky
Triangulation station at the tip
Heading back to Tai Wan
Shimmering firefly
After passing the Chek Keng Village, take the right path at the crossing and proceed to To Kwa Ping. Turn left at the next crossroad and continue on the concrete trail to Uk Tau.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Village Bus No. 29R Sai Kung Town - Sai Wan Pavillion
(Get Off : Sai Wan Pavillion)
30 min Details
Finishing Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Minibus No. 7 Hoi Ha - Sai Kung Town
(Get On: Uk Tau)
--- Details
Bus No. 94 Wong Shek Pier - Sai Kung Town
(Get On: Uk Tau)
--- Details
Bus No. 96R
Wong Shek Pier - Diamond Hill Railway Station
(Get On: Uk Tau)
Route Sai Wan Pavillion Tsui Tung Au Sai Wan
Time   1 hr 45 min
  Ham Tin Wan Tai Wan
      10 min   45 min
  Tung Wan Tung Wan Shan Cheung Tsui Campground
    1.5 hr  
  Cheung Tsui Tung Wan Shan  
  20 min   1 hr 15 min
  Tung Wan Tai Wan Ham Tin Wan
    30 min   10 min  
  Tai Long Au Chek Keng
  45 min   45 min
  To Kwa Peng Uk Tau    
Duration 8 hours
Distance 22 km
  • Restaurants at Sai Wan
  • Restaurants at Ham Tin
  • Take the ruined concrete path to the left at Chui Tung Au and go back to Sai Wan Pavillion.
  • After arriving Ham Tin, follow the MacLehose Trail all the way to Chek Keng.
  • Leave by taking a ferry or speedboat at Chek Keng.
  • This lengthy trail is physically demanding.
  • Parts of the trail are bushy and gravelly.
SummaryThis long-distance hike requires a lot of physical effort. It passes some of the best beaches of Hong Kong and takes you to the tip of Cheung Tsui, enjoying an unobstructed view over Pacific Ocean.
Revision Hiking : 13 May 2005
Revised : 4 Mar 2015