Back, with a view overlooking Tathong Channel, was considered the “Best Urban Hike in Asia” by Time Magazine in 2004.
To Tei WanShek O PeakDragon's BackPottinger GapTai Long Wan
To Tei Wan
First lookout
Shek O Village
Shek O Beach
Golf course
Subsiding rain
A large platform
Blue sky
Ng Fan Chau to the right
Pine trees
one more
Red Hill
A perfect day
The trail starts at To Tei Wan. Climb up the trail by the information board. Turn right at the pavilion. After arriving a large platform, follow along the ridge and then drop to a crossing. Head right and continue along a flat path. Join the concrete trail and descent to Tai Long Wan Village and finish at Tai Long Wan.
Tai Long Wan
V-shaped cloud
Feathery cloud
Chai Wan
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 9 Shau Kei Wan - Shek O
(Get Off : To Tei Wan)
20 min --- Details
Minibus Shau Kei Wan - Shek O
(Get Off : To Tei Wan)
15 min --- ---
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Same As Above
Route To Tei Wan Shek O Peak Dragon's Back
Time   1 hr   1.5 hr
  Pottinger Gap Tai Long Wan  
      20 min    
3 hours
8.5 km
  • Exit from the side path on the left after descending from Dragon’s Back
  • Turn left to Shek O Road after joining the concrete path
Dragon’s Back, lying in the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island, is easily accessible by public transport. It is a scenic route without skyscrapers blocking the view on the ridge and it involves a relaxed walk under shade at the later part, making it a perfect trail for novice hiker.
I have been to Dragon’s Back for several times. Although it is not my favorite urban walk, the vista on the ridge is spectacular, bringing me fond memories.
Hiking : 15 Jul 2003‧01 Jul 2006
Revised : 24 Feb 2011