Island, situated in the northern part of Sai Kung, is a famous site for wild camping with some sight-seeing spots, for instance, the Balanced Rock and Lung Keng Kan.
PierBalanced RockLung Keng KanMau Ping ShanSheung WaiPier
Yung Shu Village
Speedboats at the pier
Following the shoreline
A relaxed grassland
The famous Balanced Rock
Raging waves
Turn right at the public pier, pass Yung Shu Village and follow the concrete trail which later joins a sandy trail.
A crescent stony beach
Farther on, take the concrete path and descent the side path by the bench to visit the Balanced Rock. Retrace your steps and head to the pavillion. Slightly ascend towards the mound ahead and take the narrow path on the right to a grassland.
Sweeping view
Stony beach, rolling hill and splashing waves
A spot worth visiting
An islet offshore
Signs of weathering
Lung Keng Kan
The cliff near Lung Keng Kan
I am alone here
Waves splashing towards me
Port Island
Beside the bushes in the north lies a path leading downwards to Che Wan. Follow the path and descend to the stony beach. Turn right to visit Lung Keng Kan. Return to the grassland and take the concelaed path in the west, join the main trail after a number of twists and turns. Climb up to Mau Ping Shan.
Head north towards the seaside for admiring the Port Island. Return to the hilltop and descend in westerly direction. Pass the vast grassland, cross the stream in the east and join the main trail. Turn right and follow the path back to the pavillion. Take the concrete path behind it and return to the pier.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Ferry Wong Shek - Ko Lau Wan - Grass Island
(Get Off : Grass Island)
--- --- Details
Ferry Ma Liu Shui - Grass Island
(Get Off : Grass Island)
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End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Same As Above
Route Pier Balanced Rock Sheung Wai
Time   20 min   15 min  
  Lung Keng Kan Mau Ping Shan
  1 hr   50 min
  Sheung Wai Pier    
    1 hr      
3.5 hours
6.5 km
Skip Lung Keng Kan and go directly up to Mau Ping Shan from Sheung Wai
  • The path leading to Lung Keng Kan is concealed
  • The trail between Lung Keng Kan and Mau Ping Shan is narrow and bushy
Grass Island is a small island with pleasant sea views, relaxed walks and stores.
Grass Island, also known as Tap Mun, in my opinion is a safe island for hiking solo. Having searched through the internet for the path leading to Lung Keng Kan the day before, I headed to Tap Mun by taking the ferry at Sai Kung.

Finding a faint path behind a clump of shrubs, I followed it all the way towards Che Wan and visited Lung Keng Kan. On my way back, I met two aged anglers who followed me the way I came. They walked swiftly with their fishing gears while murmuring “what an easy path”, and I happened to know that they had actually descended to the beach by clambering down the cliff !

Hiking : 19 Nov 2005
Revised : 3 Apr 2011