The routes are for reference only. Some of the footpaths may be indistinct, treacherous and not suitable for leisure walking. Please pay close attention to the “Note” section, study the map in advance, route-related information and plan the route with regard to the abilities of the participants and the weather conditions.


Sai Kung: Sai Kung East, High Island, Sai Kung West, Ma On Shan and Clear Water Bay Peninsula

Northeast New Territories: Tai Po, Pat Sin Leng, Plover Cove, Double Haven and Fanling

Northwest New Territories: Tai Lam, Castle Peak, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Lam Tseun

Central New Territories: Tai Mo Shan, Shing Mun, Golden Hill, Kwai Tsing and Tai Po Kau

Kowloon: Lion Rock, Kowloom Peak and Tseung Kwan O

Hong Kong Island: Tai Tam, Shek O, Aberdeen and Pokfulam

Outlying Islands: Tung Ping Chau, Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Poi Toi, Grass Island, etc.

Lantau Island: Southern Lantau, Northern Lantau, Discovery Bay and Chi Ma Wan Peninsula

A simplified route map. The trails, locations, terrains and ratio are soley provided for reference only. Please refer to official countryside series maps for route planning and bring along a corresponding map for the trip.

The photos might not be taken on the same day. You may get more information by holding the cursor over the pictures.

The public transport at the starting and finishing points. Please note the operating hours, frequency and refer to the offical website for updated information. The speedboat operators may not have the license to provide such service. Please assess the risks involved and consider the insurance issues before boarding.

The estimated walking time from one place to another.

The estimated walking time of the entire journey. It may vary under different weather conditions and seasons.

The estimated distance of the route between starting and finishing points in kilometers.

The level of overall difficulty, by taking considerations of the trail surface condition, degree of elevation / descent, distance, etc. It may vary under different weather conditions and seasons.
Easy and leisurely walk, usually shorter in length and follows well-maintained / flat trail. Suitable for novice hikers.
Moderately difficult walk, usually involves longer distance / some elevation / descents / rougher trails. Recommended for hikers with some experience and physical stamina.
Highly strenuous and difficult walk, usually involves long distance / much elevation / descent / indistinct / shurbbery / rough / treacherous trails. Recommended only for experienced hikers with higher physical stamina.

Rating of the scenery by naturalness of the landscape, extent of pollution and degree of artificial elements along the route, with being the most beautiful.

Places for food and drinks. Please note the opening hours.

The possible exit points in case of emergency or leave as a shortcut.

Points to note.

A summary of the features of the route, sceney and level of difficulty.

A short note of what I saw, met and felt.

Hiking :Date of hiking
Revised :Date of revision

Remarks: The walking time, rating of scenery and level of difficulty vary from person to person. All the information above is for reference only.