Pui Resevoir, nestling in Tai Lam Country Park, was awarded one of the Ten Best Natural Scenery in Country Parks by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in 1988.
Tsuen Kam AuKap Lung Ancient TrailKap Lung Forest TrailHo Pui Mountain Bike TrailHo Pui ReservoirHo Pui
Set off at Tsuen Kam Au Country Park Management Centre. Follow the Nature Trail on the right, then leave it and join Kap Lung Ancient Trail. A short distance ahead, turn left and follow the Kap Lung Forest Trail. At the next fork, leave the trail and continue along the Ho Pui Mountrain Bike Trail. After a number of twists and turns, the vista opens up, with a view overlooking Pat Heung. Farther ahead, follow the trail specialized for hikers (the trail next to it is designated for mountain bikes) and drop to Ho Pui Reservoir. Make a left turn circling around the reservoir and continue on the road. Head left at the barbecue site, pass through the village houses and end the journey at the minibus terminal.
Common jester
Common Five-ring
Restricted Demon
Chinese peacock
Two Chinese peacock by the stream
Contrasty black and orange colors of Common Jester
Large Faun
On the way to Ho Pui
Follow this way to Ho Pui Reservoir
Yellow Band Dart
Common Jay
Ho Pui Reservoir
Billygoat weed
Feeding Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger
Coastal view
A casual shot
Green Flash
Emerald green
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 51 Tsuen Wan West Railway Station - Sheung Tsuen (Circular)
(Get Off : Country Park)
30 min --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 71 Ho Pui - Yuen Long (Tai Hang Street)
(Get On : Ho Pui)
30 min --- Details
Route Tsuen Kam Au Ancient Trail Forest Trail
Time   30 min   20 min
  Mountain Bike Trail Ho Pui Reservoir
      2 hr   1 hr
  Ho Pui        
4 hours
9 km
  • Follow the Kap Lung Ancient Trail all the way to Lui Kung Tin
  • Follow the Kap Lung Forest Trail to Lui Kung Tin at the intersection of the Mountrain Bike Trail and the Forest Trail
  • Skip walking around the reservoir and head straight to Ho Pui
Beware of the mountain bikes
It is a fairly easy walk under shade, with an interesting scene of an offshore island in the reservoir. Some sections overlap with the trails designated for mountain bikes and one should walk with extra care.
Except the small island inside the Hoi Pui Reservoir, there was not much impressive view along the route. I believe that there are many other sites in Hong Kong country parks that worth the mentioned award.
Hiking : 13 Jun 2004
Revised : 5 Jul 2011