Shek Mun, roughly translated as Red Stone Gate, is a remote and unspoiled place situated in the northeast of New Territories. The reddish coastline, predominated by sedimentary rocks, was resulted from the oxidation of iron in the sediments. The climate was At the time of rock formation, ??? the oxidation, further intensifying the colors.
Wu Kau TangKau Tam TsoSheung Miu TinHa Miu TinWang LengKwun Yam TungHung Shek Mun AuHung Shek Mun TsuenHam Yue Tsing(Return the same way)
Hike along the concrete footpath by the public toilet. Follow the signpost towards Kau Tam Cho. Keep to the right at the next intersection (the ascending path on the left leads to Sam A Chung). At the ruined village houses of Ha Miu Tin, turn right and walk uphill to Wang Leng. Follow the Plover Cove Country Trail, after passing the Mount Newland and you should notice a warning signpost on the right. A bushy and narrow path is just opposite to the signpost. Descend from there and keep going in the northeasterly direction in general. After passing the mini dam, turn right at the next crossing and you can reach Hung Shek Mun Tsuen (village).
A stream at Ha Miu Tin
A minidam near Hung Shek Mun
Rewared with picturesque scenes
Beautifully clear water
An unpolluted habitat
The shore is covered with barnacles
Walk along the shoreline to Ham Yue Tsing and then head back the same way you came in.
Hung Shek Mun, with a stunning and mysterious coastline
The Red Coast, named by local hikers, perfectly suits the coastal view of Hung Shek Mun
Double Island
Ham Yue Tsing
The quiet Ham Yue Tsing
Plover Cove Reservoir
Wu Kau Tang at dusk
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Minibus No. 20R Tai Po Market Railway Station - Wu Kau Tang
(Get Off : Wu Kau Tang)
30 min Details
End Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Same As Above
5.5 hours
15.5 km
Follow the path from Ha Miu Tin to Sam A Tsuen. Then head south from the restaurant and go back to Wu Kau Tang via Lai Tau Shek.
  • Bring along the countryside series map and a compass
  • Some of the paths are hidden and bushy .Recommended only for experienced hikers
  • Wear trousers as some of the paths are overgrown
  • Please note the tidal information as the walk from Hung Shek Mun Tsuen to Ham Yue Ching follows the shoreline.
Hung Shek Mun, featuring an absolutely stunning red coastline, offers one of the most extraordinary landscapes in Hong Kong. It is definitely worth taking a long hike to visit.
I saw a snake curling beneath the bush on the way towards the coast of Hung Shek Mun . Just before taking a picture I noticed the cobra-like pattern on its body. Later we followed the shoreline from Hung Shek Mun Tsuen to Ham Yue Ching. The tide rose much faster than I had expected and we might have to walk in the water if we stayed any longer.
Hiking : 17 Mar 2004
Revised : 12 Aug 2010