Kung Leng, a mountain located in the Northwest Territories, offers splendid views over Yuen Long and Mai Po.
Fung Kat HeungKai Kung LengTsiu KengFan Kam Road
Nam Sang Wei
Rarely seen Spotted Angle
Kai Kung Leng
Sweeping view over Kai Kung Leng
Clear path
The Hong Kong Fritillary is commonly found at higher altitude
Weird rock
One fine string of cloud
Buttercup Orchid
Extremely hot weather
Tsiu Keng
Alight at Fung Kat Heung Road. Follow along the road and then take the steps to the left. Join the wooden steps and ascend to the ridge. Follow along the ridge until the Tsiu Keng village is in sight. Take the shrubbery path on the right to Tsiu Keng and finally join the road towards Fan Kam Road.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 603 Yuen Long (Fung Cheung Road) - Fung Kat Heung
(Get Off : Wah Shing Tsuen)
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End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 77K Cheung Wah - Yuen Long West Bus Terminus
(Get On : Tsiu Keng, Fan Kam Road)
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Route Fung Kat Heung Kai Kung Leng Tsiu Keng
Time   2.5 hr   2.5 hr  
  Fan Kam Road      
  20 min        
5.5 hours
7 km
There is a side path on the right eading to Ta Shek Wu
  • It's a long-distance trail with much elevation and descent. Recommeded for hikers with good physical fitness
  • The whole trail is exposed to sun
  • Some sections of the trail are gravelly, shrubbery or steep
  • Beware of mountain bikes
The long-distance trail over Kai Kung Leng runs along the ridge and involves demanding elevation and descent. Visitors will be awarded with magnificient mountain landscape comparable to Pat Sin Leng in the Northeast Territories.
It was an exhausting walk along the unsheltered trail of Kai Kung Leng, not to mention the hot and humid air in summer day with a temperature of 34oC . We were run out of water when we arrived Tsiu Keng, after a difficult descent through the densely vegetated path.

Later that day, we learned from the news that two men had got heat stroke while hiking around Plover Cove Reservoir. One was found dead and the other was unconscious. I couldn't help but wonder it might have happened to us if we had exposed to sun longer that day.

Hiking : 5 Aug 2005
Revised : 4 Jan 2012