Shan, also named A Kai Shan, is located in Northwest Yuen Long. With an altitude of mere 121 metres, it overlooks the fish ponds around Tsim Bei Tsui and Nam Sang Wai.
Shing Uk TsuenKai ShanLong Ping Estate
Shing Uk Tsuen
Red Wing Skirt
Mainland China on the farther side
After getting off the light bus, head towards the Ser Res. Then follow the concrete steps on the left and ascent to the top of Kai Shan. Follow the trail in the south to Wing Ning Tsuen (or follow the left trail to Long Ping Estate).
From there, turn left to join Long Tin Road and then head left to Long Ping Railway Station.
Kai Shan
Fish Ponds at Tsim Bei Tsui
Verdant green
Open and wide view
Yuen Long
Ping Shan
Metal blue colored wings
The sun is setting
Rarely seen Peacock Royal
Starry night
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 74 Yuen Long (Fook Hong Street) - Shing Uk Tsuen
(Get Off : Shing Uk Tsuen)
--- $4 Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Railway Yuen Long Long Ping Railway Station - Various Destinations
(Get On : Long Ping Railway Station)
--- --- Details
2 hours
3.5 km
  • Bring along with a torch for illumination after sunset
  • Beware of stray dogs near Wing Ning Tsuen
  • Some sections are gravelly
Having seen lots of pictures of Kai Shan, we visited there on a weekday and the scenery didn't disppoint us. We missed a clear path on our way out, which forced us to give up our original plan and headed to Wing Ning Tsuen. What a lesson!
Kai Shan offers a rather easy walk with sweeping view of fish ponds near Mai Po Nature Reserve.
Hiking : 2 Aug 2005
Revised : 11 Oct 2011