Lung Ancient Trail, lying on the western slope of Tai Mo Shan, is a major footpath for farmers travelling between Tsuen Wan Market in the old days.
Tsuen Kam AuKap Lung Forest TrailLui Kung TinKap Lung AncientTrailTsuen Kam Au
Kap Lung Ancient Trail
Start at Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) Management Centre located at Tsuen Kam Au. Follow the Naure Trail on the right and join the Kap Lung Ancient Trail at the crossing. Turn left at the next crossing and take the Kap Lung Forest Trail. Follow it all the way to the catchwater.

From there, turn right to the barbecue site where there is short bridge to your right, which leads you back to the Kap Lung Ancient Trail. Follow the trail and climb up to the intersection between the Ancient and Forest Trails. Finally, trace your way back to the AFCD Management Centre.

A palm-sized fungi
A cluster of fungi on a tree
Tai Mo Shan
A dazzling Flame in the Forest
Kap Lung Ancient Trail
A flying damsel
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Bus No. 51 Tsuen Wan West Railway Station - Sheung Tsuen (Circular)
(Get Off : Country Park)
30 min Details
End Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Same As Above
Route Tsuen Kam Au Kap Lung Forest Trail Lui Kung Tin
Time   30 min   1 hr 45 min  
  Kap Lung AncientTrail Tsuen Kam Au  
  1 hr    
Duration 3.5 hours
Distance7 km
Supply Milk Farm near Lui Kung Tin (Farm Milk Co. Ltd.)
ExitFollow the ancient trail all the way to Lui Kung Tin
Note None
SummaryIt is an gentle and well-marked route under shade for most of the time but nothing's particularly attractive except the paved ancient trail.
Revision Hiking : 26.05.2004
Revised : 04.06.2013