Island, also known as Pok Liu Chau, is the third largest island in Hong Kong with a cluster of seafood restaurants and local handicraft shops, attracting a lot of local and foreign visitors on holidays.
Picnic Bay (Sok Kwu Wan)Mo Tat WanShek Pai WanTung OPicnic BayLo So ShingHung Shing Yeh BeachYung Shue Wan
Alight at the pier and turn left, following the Lamma Family Walk to the village. From there, take the steps on the left and descend to Mo Tat Wan. Head back to the main trail. Get past Mo Dat Villages towards Tung O (Shek Pai Wan). Head straight to Tung O Village. Then turn right and climb uphill to a pavilion. Keep going on the concrete footpath and head down to Tin Hau Temple sitting next to the pier.
Mo Tat Wan
Mo Dat Old Village
Natural setting
A magenta flower
Heading to Yung Shue Ha
Yung Shue Ha
Shek Pai Wan
Rocky beach
This path leads to the Tin Hau Temple
Panoramic view of Shek Pai Wan
Take the trail on the left. Pass Cave Kamikaze and then turn left. Take the path on the right at the next branch (the left path leads to Lo So Shing Beach) and climb uphill. Keep on the trail and then drop down to Hung Shing Yeh Beach after passing a pavilion.
Climbing up
A pleasant day
Ling Kok Shan
Standing on a mould
Lots of people watching sunset
Follow the main trail towards the public pier at Tung Shue Wan.
Starting Point Route Duration FareOperating Hour
Ferry Central - Picnic Bay
(Get Off : Picnic Bay)
30 min Details
Ferry Aberdeen - Picnic Bay
(Get Off : Picnic Bay)
30 min Details
End Point Route Duration FareOperating Hour
Ferry Yung Shue Wan - Central
(Get On : Picnic Bay)
--- Details
Ferry Yung Shue Wan - Aberdeen
(Get On : Picnic Bay)
--- Details
Route Picnic Bay Mo Tat Wan Shek Pai Wan
Time   2.5 hr
  Tung O Picnic Bay
  Lo So Shing Hung Shing Yeh Beach   Yung Shue Wan
  1 hr  
3.5 hours
9 km
  • Small bar at Mo Tat Wan
  • Store at Shek Pai Wan
  • Stores and restaurants at Picnic Bay
Turn right at the Tin Hau Temple and walk back to the pier
Lamma is an exotic and stylish island with scenic walks. One may take a short stroll in Yung Shue Wan or experience a longer hike around the island. You may also enjoy the seafood or walk around the shops selling handicrafts after the trek.
Despite the scorching sun, there are lots of people visiting Lamma , jamming the main trail connecting Picnic Bay and Yung Shue Wan.
Hiking : 15 Aug 2004
Revised : 3 Mar 2011