Peak, literally meaning Phoenix Hill, is the second highest peak in Hong Kong after Tai Mo Shan. The hill comprises two peaks, which are usually shrouded in clouds. As the vantage on top offers panoramic views and is accessible by Lantau Trail, Lantau Peak attracts lots of visitors climbing up for watching sunrise.
Pak Kung AuLantau PeakNgong Ping
Set off at Pak Kung Au, the between Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak, and follow the signpost of the Lantau Trail. Ascend along the uphill path and reach the top of the Lantau Peak. Keep on the trail and descend to a wooden archway.
Long-banded Silverline
Lush green
Take the trail on the left (the Lantau Trail continues to the right) and head to Ngong Ping bus terminus.
On a clear day
Contail formed behind aircraft
Tai A Chau and Siu A Chau Islands
鳳凰山Lantau Peak right ahead
Sweeping view
South Heaven Gate
Shek Pik Reservoir down below
鳳凰山頂A clear but rare view
The archway at Ngong Ping
Tian Tan Buddha
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Bus No. 11 ‧ 23 Tung Chung - Various Destinations
(Get Off : Pak Kung Au)
15 min Details
Bus No. 3M Mui Wo - Tung Chung
(Get Off : Pak Kung Au)
--- Details
Finishing Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Bus No. 2 Ngong Ping - Mui Wo
(Get On : Ngong Ping)
40 min Details
Bus No. 23 Ngong Ping - Tung Chung
(Get On : Ngong Ping)
50 min Details
Cable Car Ngong Ping - Tung Chung
(Get On : Ngong Ping)
25 min Details
Route Pak Kung Au Lantau Peak Ngong Ping
Time   2. hrs   1 hr 15 min  
Duration 4 hours
Distance 5.5 km
Supply None
NoteThe flights of steps leading up to the Lantau Peak are demanding.
SummaryThe path to Lantau Peak ascends steeply and involves three vigorous uphill sections, making it a challenging walk for most hikers. You need a little bit of luck to enjoy the panoramic view over the top for the peak is usually veiled in mist.
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