Rock, rises in the middle of Kowloon, is renowned for its shape of a crouching lion.
Tsz Wan KokShatin PassLion RockBeacon HillSo Uk Estate
Misty underneath
The lion head
It starts at the staircase behind the Tsz Wan Shan North Bus Terminus. Follow the concrete steps and climb up to Shatin Pass. At the information board, follow the MacLehose Trail. Keep right at the crossing and then turn left at the next branch. Follow the steps and ascend to the Lion Rock. Leave at the side path adjacent to the lion head.
Join the MacLehose Trail and continue on the path to the Reunification Pavillion. Stay on the trail and cross Beacon Hill. At the next pavilion, turn left (the right path leads to Kowloon Reservoir)and leave the MacLehose Trail.
The other side
Natural colors
Signal Station
The sky has cleared up
Stay left at the next fork and descend to Lung Cheung Road. Cross the highway and finish the walk at So Uk Estate.
Pieces of clouds
Beacon Hill
Giant Alocasia
Starting Point Route Duration
Minibus No. 37A Wong Tai Sin Railway Station - Tsz Wan Shan (North)
(Get Off : Tsz Wan Shan (North) Bus Terminus)
15 min
Bus No. 2F‧3C‧3M‧3P‧15A To Tsz Wan Shan (North)
(Get Off : Bus Terminus)
End Point Route Duration
Bus No. 2 ‧112 So Uk Estate - Various Destinations
(Get On : So Uk Estate)
Bus No. 796C‧970 So Uk Estate - Various Destinations
(Get On : So Uk Estate)
Route Tsz Wan Kok Shatin Pass Lion Rock
Time   25 min   1 hr  
  Beacon Hill So Uk Estate  
  50 min   1.5 hr    
4 hours
7.5 km
Restaurant at Shatin Pass
Descend from the Reunification Pavilion to Tin Ma Court (30 min) or to Hung Mui Kuk via Amah Rock
  • It involves some climbs at the Lion’s head
Lion Rock is a well-marked path with lots of exit points. The route have some tough climbs to overcome, while offering a grandstand view over Kowloon peninsula.
We climbed up from Temple Hill to Lion Rock under an overcast sky. By the time we arrived Deacon Hill, the sky had cleared up, making it a more memorable trip.
Hiking : 26 Nov 2006
Revised : 11 Nov 2010