Wu Shan, located at Tseng Kwan O, is famous for the observation post sitting on the hill slope.
Ko Chiu RoadDevil's PeakBlack HillMau Wu ShanObervation PostHaven of Hope Hospital
It begins at the road towards the Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery. After walking a short section of a rather steep road, turn left to join the Wilson Trail. At the crossing, stay left to Devil’s Peak. After visiting the battery, follow the path leading down to the cemetery and then join the Wilson Trail. Walk along the concrete path to O King Road via the cemetery and hillside of Chiu Keng Wan Shan.
Devil's Peak Gough Battery
A withered tree
A narrow alley
Cross the road, continue along the uphill path to Black Hill. Father on, descend to an intersection, keep right to Mau Wu Shan (observation post). Head down the trail and join the concrete path towards the Haven of Hope Hospital.
Mrs. Farrer's Rhododendron
Mau Wu Shan
A rare circular structure
It is well-preserved
A long-passed story
Covered with graffiti
A staircase leading to the second floor
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 14B‧603‧216M To Various Destinations
(Get Off : Ko Yee Estate)
--- --- Details
Bus No. 14‧ 62X‧259D To Yau Tong
(Get Off : Yau Tong Bus Terminus)
--- --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 107 Haven of Hope Hospital -Po Lam Railway Station
(Get On : Haven of Hope Hospital)
--- --- Details
Route Ko Chiu Road Devil's Peak Black Hill
Time   30 min   1 hr  
  Mau Wu Shan Observation Post
  45 min   5 min   15 min
  Haven of Hope Hospital        
2.5 hours
5.5 km
Leave at O King Road
  • Watch out for the ageing observation post
  • Please do not draw on and damage those valuable buildings
Featuring the ruins of Gough Battery and the unique observation post, Mau Wu Shan is an ideal and interesting relics’ trail.
There are all sorts of rumors about the purposes of the observation post. It is generally believed to be built before 1898 for observing the maritime movements of the Fat Tong Chau in Qing Dynasty. This well preserved circular structure is rare in Hong Kong and an interesting thing to note is its proximity to the town. However, without proper management, the buildings were covered with graffiti and trashes were all over the place.
Hiking : 5 Mar 2006
Revised : 9 Sep 2010