Tung Chai is characterized by numerous gorgeous waterfalls. Located at the western slope of Tai Mo Shan, it is considered as one of the "Four Natural Wonders” in Hong Kong.
Ng Tung ChaiMan Tak GardenBottom FallMiddle FallMain FallScattered FallMan Tak GardenNg Tung Chai
Alight at Pak Au Shek bus stop, head back a short distance and turn right to follow the concrete path towards the village. Turn left after passing the village houses and walk along the paved path to Man Tak Garden.
The path to Man Tak Garden
A close look of Black-banded Gossamerwing
Banded Tree Brown
Chocolate Pansy
South China Bush Brown
A species of Hesperiidae
Continue along the path and head straight (the uphill path leads to Tai Mo Shan) at the junction. The shady trail leads you to the first waterfall, Bottom Fall. Head back to the main trail and keep walking to Middle Fall.
Common Five-ring
Charming Bottom Fall
Wax Plant
Middle Fall
The Bottom Fall
Main Fall, the longest fall in Hong Kong
Then Keep walking all the way to Main Fall. The path leading to Scattered Fall is just behind the warning signpost.
A shallow pool under Main Fall
Dark Evening Brown
Another Banded Tree Brown
Blue Forest Damsel
Blue Forest Damsel fom the side
A dragonfly with red abdomen
Black-banded Gossamerwing
Scattered Fall without much water
Transparent 6-line Blue
From another angle of view
Scattered Fall
From there, climb uphill to Scattered Fall. Pass the fall, go along the path and then turn right(the left trail leads to Tai Mo Shan). Go uphill and get back to the where the information board sits. Head left to Man Tak Garden and go out the same way you came in.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 64K Tai Po Market Railway Station - Yuen Long West
(Get Off : Pak Ngau Shek)
20 min --- Details
Minibus No. 25K Tai Po Market (Wai Yan St.) - Ng Tung Chai
(Get Off : Pak Ngau Shek)
15 min --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Same As Above
Route Ng Tung Chai Man Tak Garden Bottom Fall
Time   15 min   35 min  
  Middle Fall Main Fall
  10 min   15 min   15 min
  Scatterd Fall Man Tak Garden Ng Tung Chai
    1.5 hr   15 min  
3.5 hours
5.5 km
Ng Tung Chai Village
The footpath from Main Fall to Scattered Fall was damaged by landslides and might be slippery after rainfall (currently blocked by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, AFCD).
The route is pretty straight forward except the path leading to Scattered Fall. All four waterfalls have their own characteristics and it is a great site for landscape photography, dragonfly, butterfly and waterfall watching.
The area in Ng Tung Chai is surrounded by lots of native plant species. There were plenty of dragonflies near the path towards Man Tak Garden. On our way back, we encountered three people dressing in uniforms and carrying trapping nets. I thought they were those catching butterflies for collection, but I happened to know that they were indeed the dragonflies working group from the AFCD.
Hiking : 9 Jun 2004
Revised : 12 Aug 2010