Wu Tun, a round-topped knoll connected to the ridge of Pai Nga Shan, is located in Sai Kung East Country Park with a splendid view over Chek Keng and Ko Tong Hau.
Sai Wan Pavilion Lo Tei Tun(Luk Wu Conutry Trail)Ngau Wu TunPak Tam AuTai Che Leng TunPak Tam Au Country Park Management Centre(Pak Tam Road)
Tai Long Wan
Chinese New Year Flowers
Looking to the south
Alight at Sai Wan Pavilion, follow the worn concrete path on the left of the information board. As the path level out, follow the indistinct path on the left leading to Lo Tei Tun. From there, continue the narrow path on the west towards Luk Wu Country Trail. Turn right to walk along the country trail. After crossing a running stream, climb up a flight of steps and you will see a camp ground. Leave the country trail, take the path on the right and you would be able to see the dirt path leading to Ngau Wu Tun.
Hazy view over Chek Keng, with Sharp Peak in the distance
The way we came in
Sharp Peak can hardly been seen
Paper Bark Trees
Descend from Ngau Wu Tun to another campsite. Make a left turn and then stay to the left to follow the dirt path. After crossing Tai Che Leng Tun, join the Pak Tam Country Trail to the Pak Tam Au Country Park Management Centre and end at Pak Tam Road.
Pai Ngak Shan
Wooded hillside
Sunset at Pak Tam Au
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Village Bus 29R Sai Kung - Sai Wan Pavilion
(Get off: Sai Wan Pavilion)
30 min $15 Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 7 Hoi Ha - Sai Kung
(Get on: Pak Tam Au)
--- --- Details
Bus No. 94
Wong Shek Pier - Sai Kung
(Get on: Pak Tam Au)
--- --- Details
Bus No. 96R
(Public Holiday)
Wong Shek Pier - Diamond Hill Railway Station
(Get on: Pak Tam Au)
--- ---
4.5 hours
10 km
  • As you reach the Luk Wu Country Trail from Lo Tei Tun, you may turn left and go back to Sai Wan Pavilion
  • Follow the Luk Wu Country Trail to Tsak Yue Wu instead of heading to Ngau Wu Tun
  • Leave at Pak Tam Au after descending from Ngau Wu Tun
The path between Pak Tam Au and Tai Che Leng Tun is indistinct and there are many junctions.
On the crest of Ngau Wu Tun, you can have a great view across Ko Tong Hau and Chek Keng Hau. You may bypass Tai Che Leng Tun and end up at Pak Tam Au if time is limited.
Taking a wrong turn at Ngau Wu Tun, I headed back to look for the hidden path leading to Tai Che Leng Tun, which almost took me 30 minutes to get back on track.
Hiking : 20 Feb 2004
Revised : 12 Aug 2010