Nicholson, with a height of 430 metres, rises in central part of Hong Kong Island. The nearby Fung Shui wood was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in 1993.
Wan Chai GapLady Clementi's RideMount CameronMiddle GapBlack's LinkMount NicholsonBlack's LinkWong Nai Chung Gap
Alight at the intersection of the Peak Road and Stubb's Road. Follow the Mount Cameron Road for a short distance. Turn right to the Aberdeen Reservoitr Road. The trail head of the Lady Clementi's Ride is right ahead. At the signpost indicating the Hong Kong Trail, make a left turn and follow the Hong Kong Trail.
Refreshing Fairy Lily
Farther on, join the Lady Clementi's Ride . After passing through the woodland and crossing a couple of streams, you can reach a pavilion. Continue along the the Lady Clementi's Ride. At the next crossing, follow the Hong Kong Trail. Go uphill and turn right at the next junction, follow the path on the mountain side to the Black's Link. At the picnic site, climb up the small path on the left, with a marking of “BL47”, towards the top of Mount Nicholson. Head back to Black's Link and continue the road to Wong Nai Chung Gap.
Lady Clementi's Ride
Crossing a stream
Stream with little volumn
Jsut another stream
A Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger near Mount Cameron
Glassy Tiger
Overlooking Hong Kong Island
Mimosa Pudica
Purple Jamaica Vervain
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 15 Central - The Peak
(Get Off : Wan Chai Gap)
20 min --- Details
Bus No. 15B
(Sunday & Public Holidays)
Wan Chai(Convention Centre) - The Peak
(Get Off : Wan Chai Gap)
--- --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 63 Stanley Prison - North Point Ferry Pier
(Get On : Wong Nai Chung Gap)
--- --- Details
Bus No. 6‧66 To Central
(Get On : Wong Nai Chung Gap)
20 min --- 666
Route Wan Chai Gap Lady Clementi's Ride Mount Cameron
Time   2.5 hr
  Middle Gap Black's Link
      15 min
  Mount Nicholson Black's Link Wong Nai Chung Gap
    15 min   45 min  
4 hours
11 km
  • Leave from the pavillion near Aberdeen Reservoir to Tue Kwong Tsuen via Aberdeen Lower Reservoir
  • Staying on the Lady Clementi's Ride to Nam Fung Road
  • Leave the Hong Kong Trail and return to Wan Chai Gap via Middle Gap Road
  • Skip climbing up to Mt. Nicholson and follow the Black's Link to Wong Nai Chung Gap
  • Bring along a map as there are lots of junctions
  • The trail head leading up to Mount Nicholson is not properly marked
The route is full of branches. Most parts of the walk are under shade without much attractive scene even on the summit of Mount Nicholson.
Countless junctions are typical of hiking trails on Hong Kong Island. I was frustrated by those ramifying trails and numerous signposts. Even worse, the view from the top of Mount Nicholson was mostly obstructed. In addition, I made a silly mistake that the route was in fact not leading to the SSSI that I had intended to visit.
Hiking : 23 Jul 2004
Revised : 16 Dec 2010