Bay, also knwon as Sok Kwu Wan, is the second largest village on Lamma Island with a cluster of seafood restaurants.
Picnic BayMo Tat WanShek Pai WanTung OPicnic Bay
Go left from the public pier and follow the Lamma Family Walk to the village house. From there, walk down the steps towards the Mo Dat Wan where a mini bar is located. Head back to the main trail, passing through the Mo Dat Nea and Old Villages, you will reach Tung O.
A large piece of wood on the shore
Blue and green
A boulder platform
Waves crashing against the shore
Rocky shore on the other side
Little pools on the platform
The view of Yung Shue Ha from the platform
Ling Kok Shan
You may follow the shoreline to the boulder platform for watching waves. From Shek Pai Wan, head straight to Tun O Village. Then turn right and go uphill to the pavilion. Keep going on the concrete footpath and head down to the Tin Hau Temple just next to the pier.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Ferry Central - Picnic Bay
(Get Off : Sok Kwu Wan)
30 min Details
Ferry Aberdeen - Picnic Bay
(Get Off : Sok Kwu Wan)
30 min Details
End Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Same As Above
2.5 hours
9.5 km
  • Little bar at Mo Tat Wan
  • Store at Shek Pai Wan
Catch a ferry from Mo Dat Wan to Aberdeen
Beware of the sea waves on the platform
Shek Pai Wan boasts a pretty and quite beach. Generally it is a hike with mild difficulty and you could enjoy the fresh seafood at the restaurant near the pier at the end of the journey.
Originally we planned to complete the entire Lamma Family Walk and end at Yung Shue Wan, but it was getting late after three hours’ walk and we could only finished it at Sok Kwu Wan pier.
Hiking : 14 Nov 2003
Revised : 12 Aug 2010