Toi, an island once famous for producing laver, is located at the southern end of Hong Kong
Public PierTin Hau TempleNgau Wu TengNgong ChongNam Tam WanPier
The sea cave is almost two to three storeys high
Stanley Peninsula
Beaufort Island
Village house at Tai Wan
Pink flowers
Conch Rock
Disembark at the pier, head left to Tin Hau Temple to visit the Conch Rock. Retrace a short distance to the signpost. Stay to the left path installed with green handrails. From behind the power station, start climbing up the slope. Follow the signposts which bring you back to the country trail, where a pavilion sits.
Tin Hau Temple
Public pier
Tai Wan beach
Mat Chau
The exposed rock surfaces reflects the shape of the cloud
Bare rocks
The simplest signpost
Rocks with varies shapes
Strange pattern
A shot from the pavillion
Beaufort Island shapes like Shui Keng Teng in Sai Kung
The Climbing Tortoise
The Monk Rock
Light house
Buddha Palm Rock
Descend from there and head straight at the crossing, pass the Climbing Tortoise and the Monk Rock head straight to the lighthouse. Keep on the trail, after visiting the Buddha’s Palm and Rock Carving, turn left at the following branch and continue on the country trail to the pier.

Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Ferry Aberdeen - (Stanley) - Po Toi
(Get Off : Po Toi)
1 hr Details
End Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Same As Above
Route Pier Tin Hau Temple Ngau Wu Teng
Time   1 hr 15min  
  Ngong Chong Nam Tam Wan
  1 hr
2.5 hours
6 km
  • Turn right and follow the country trail to the pier before reaching the pavillion at Ngau Wu Teng
  • Turn right to the pier at Ngau Wu Teng
The path ascending to Ngau Wu Teng is steep and sometimes overgrown
Poi Toi island features lots of famous rocks. Climbing the barren slope and hiking through the shrubbery path in the first section are tougher, yet it offers natural landscape. The concrete paved trail of the later section is much easier but it doesn’t blend in well with the natural settings.
In company with my friends, I visited Po Toi in 2005. Because of mistakenly taking an overgrown path, two of them decided to follow a relatively easier country trail and the rest of us headed to Ngau Wu Teng as planned. Later we arrived at the pavillion sits on Ngau Wu Teng at about the same time, continuing our journey together.

Apart from the rocks mentioned above, there are other famous scenic spots on Po Toi, for instance, the abandoned Old Mo's House and the Coffin Rock, which we did not have time to visit. The rock carving was located at the sea side on our way back to the pier, but it has been severely weathered, making it almost unnoticeable.

Hiking : 12 Nov 2005‧25 Jun 2006
Revised : 13 Apr 2011