Peak, facing Tathong Channel, stands at the eastern fringe of Hong Kong Island with the famous Tai Long Wan beach to the south.
Island ResortCape Collinson Light HousePottinger Peak LookoutTai Long Wan
Commence at the Central Park next to Island Resort. Take the staircase and then follow the Cape Collinson Path to the light house. Retrace your steps to the trailhead. Turn left and follow the road up to an intersection (Cape Collinson Road). Take the steps by the map board and ascend to the lookout. Continue on and remain on the path adjacent to the catchwater for a short distance. Turn left at the crossing and follow along the concrete-paved trail leading down to Tai Long Wan.
A Grey-backed Thrush enjoying the sunbath quitely
Tathong Channel
The sun, the clouds and the tree
The sun behind the clouds
Tai Long Wan
Ascending to the lookout
The clouds scatter into pieces
The vista gradually opens up
Heading down to the rock carving
Splashing waves
Lots of Surfers
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus To Siu Sai Wan
(Get Off : Siu Sai Wan)
--- --- Details
Minibus No. 62 Heng Fa Chuen Public Transport
Interchange - Siu Sai Wan (Cheerful Garden)
(Get Off : Island Resort)
--- $2.8 Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 9 Shek O - Shau Kei Wan Railway Station
(Get On : Tai Long Wan)
--- $6.9 Details
Minibus Shek O - Shau Kei Wan Railway Station
(Get On : Tai Long Wan)
--- --- ---
Route Island Resort Light House Pottinger Peak Lookout
Time   15 min   35 min  
  Tai Long Wan      
  40 min        
1.5 hours
5.5 km
The later part of the walk fills with pleasant coastal view and flourishing woodland which exhilarate and refresh your mind.
I had visited the light house 4 years ago. It was uneasy walking alone on the underdeveloped path. The path, now named Cape Collinson Path, is well-paved but disappointingly no lookout has been built for appreciating the sea view, not to mention the blocked light house.

Two side paths branches off the Cape Collinson Path. The one next to the light house leads to the coast with trees obstructing the view. The other strenuous path, supported by ropes, took us ten minutes to get to the coast. We believed that both paths were opened up by anglers and I excluded them from the route above.

The landscape around Pottinger Peak is not that impressive. Nevertheless, the refreshing setting presents a natural beauty comparable to that of the Dragon’s Back.

Hiking : 14 Jan 2007‧30 Jan 2011
Revised : 12 Jul 2011