Bay, located in Tai Tam Country Park, is ramified with a wide variety of trails including nature trail, jogging trail, Wilson Trail, country trail, tree walk and orienteering trim courses.
Mount Parker RoadWoodside (Quarry Bay Jogging Trail)Braemar Hill (Po Luen Path)
Ascend from Mount Parker Road, a short distance ahead the Woodside come into sight. Continue climbing up the road and turn right at the information board showing the Quarry Bay Jogging Trail. Follow along the trail and keep straight at the fork. Make a left turn at the next crossing and follow the jogging trail. After a number of twists and turns, the trail will bring you to the finishing point. From there turn right and end at Po Luen Path.
Hugh roots of Chinese Banyan
The Woodside
Cotton Tree
Western style
An arched window
Clear pattern
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Train (Get Off : Quarry Bay) --- --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 49M Braemar Hill - Tin Hau Railway Station (Circular route)
(Get On : Po Luen Path)
--- ---  
Route Mount Parker Road Woodside Quarry Bay Jogging Trail
Time   25 min    
  Braemar Hill      
  1.5 hr        
2 hours
5 km
  • Exit from the tree walk by the Mount Parker Road to Kornhill
  • Shorten the walk by joining the Quarry Bay Jogging Trail via Wilson Trail
Bring a map and compass as there are many branches on the way
The well-marked walk involves an uphill walk in the early sections and a rather flat path in the later. Only the Woodside is well worth visiting.
The ramifying Mount Parker Road, though marked by signposts, was quite annoying.
Hiking : 22 Feb 2005
Revised : 13 Jan 2011