Peak is the second highest mountain on Lantau Island, just behind Lautau Peak. At 800 meters above sea level, a couple dozen of stone shacks scatter over the highland between Sunset Peak and Yi Tung Shan. These shacks, also known as the Lantau Mountain Camp, can be traced back to almost 90 years ago. They were built by foreign missionaries as bungalows in the 20s. At present some of the shacks are managed by organizations and some others are privately owned.

Sunset Peak is accessible by following Lantau Trail Section Two, either from Pak Kung Au or Nam Shan. For a longer trek, one may take the uphill path at Pak Mong which leads to the peak via Lin Fa Shan.

Pak Kung AuSunset PeakLantau Mountain CampSheung Tung AuNam Shan
The trail begins at the pavilion located at Pak Kung Au. Follow the signpost of Lantau Trail and climb uphill (The hillside path to the right is the South Lantau Trail which leads to Nam Shan) to the Lautau Mountain Camp. Head to Sheung Tung Au and then keep right following the Lautau Trail Section 2 in reverse direction and drop to South Lantau Road at Nam Shan.
Sunset Peak
Veiled by smog
大東山上之石屋Chinese Spiranthes, a species of orchid
Stone shacks
A stone shack over Yi Tung Shan
Wong Lung Hang Country Trail
Lantau Mountain Camp
The Country Trail goes down to Tung Chung
Green Cap Orchid
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Bus No. 11‧23  Tung Chung - Various Destinations
(Get Off : Pak Kung Au)
--- Details
Bus No. 3M Mui Wo - Tung Chung
(Get Off : Pak Kung Au)
--- Details
Finishing Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Bus No. 1‧2 ‧3M Various Destinations - Mui Wo
(Get On : Nam Shan)
--- Details
Bus No. 3M Mui Wo - Tung Chung
(Get On : Nam Shan)
--- Details
Duration 3.5 hours
Distance 6 km
Supply None
Exit None
Note The trail involves some elevations and descends
SummaryThis scenic trail is clearly-marked and signposted. It brings you to the distinctive Lautau Mountain Camp over the Sunset Peak which is also renowned for watching sunset.
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