Lam Country Park, comprising a number of long-distance country trails, is one of the most popular hiking destinations in northwest Hong Kong.
Tsing Lung TauYuen TunKat Hing BridgeYuen Tsuen Ancient TrailTai Tong
Commence at Lung Yue Road (Tsing Lung Tau Public Pier). Climb up the road, pass the first crossing to the trail head of Yuen Tun Country Trail. Follow the trail to CAS Yuen Tun Camp.
The trail is lined with trees
Artificial pond inside the camp
Glassy Tiger
Lotus in the pond
CAS training camp
A large camp ground
Yuen Tun Village
Gardening view
Eye-catching Peacock Pansy
After visiting the camp (please enquire in advance), head back to the camp entrance and continue along the country trail. After reaching the surfaced road, turn left and follow all the way to Wing Kat Bridge. Head left after crossing it, join MacLehose Trail and reach a picnic site where the Kat Hing Bridge stands. Follow Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail and head straight at the crossing to Tai Tong barbecue site. Continue on Tai Tong Shan Road and finally descend to Kiu Hing Road.
Heading to Kat Hing Bridge
Running water
The stream water feeds the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir
Another shot
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 96 Tsuen Wan - Tsing Lung Tau
(Get Off : Lung Yue Road)
--- --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus Tai Tong - Yuen Long
(Get On : Kiu Hing Road)
20 min --- ---
Bus No. K66 Tai Tong - Long Ping
(Get On : Kiu Hing Road)
--- --- ---
4.5 hours
13.5 km
Follow the Tai Lam Nature Trail to Tsing Lung Tau after leaving the Yuen Tun Country Trail
  • The route is lengthy
  • Please enquire in advance for visiting the CAS camp
The CAS camp is unique in its natural setting. The wide stream besides Kat Hing Bridge, surrounded by flourishing woods, is well worth visiting. However, it is quite a long-distance walk without retreat en route.
The stream was rushing after rain, reminding me of the natural lanscape in Nepal visited some years ago..
Hiking : 20 Aug 2004
Revised : 4 Aug 2011