Long Wan, literally meaning Big Wave Bay, lies in the east coast of Sai Kung peninsula. Carved by the waves of Pacific Ocean, it comprises four sandy beaches, namely Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan and Tung Wan. Tai Long Wan is renowned for its majestic view and the exceptional quality of its beaches. It is considered the “The backyard of Hong Kong”.

To get there, you may commence at Sai Wan Pavillion where there is a path leading to Sai Wan. Alternatively, you may set off at Pak Tam Au and follow the MacLehose Trail Section Two in an reverse direction to Ham Tin Wan.

Sai Wan PavillionChui Tung AuSai WanHam Tin WanTai WanTung WanTai WanTai Long AuChek Keng
From Sai Wan Pavillion, follow the concrete path by the information board and descent to Sai Wan via Chui Tung Au. Keep on the MacLehose Trail Section 2 and proceed to Ham Tin Wan.
Charming colors of High Island Reservoir
Sai Wan Village
Sai Wan
Splashing waves
Mong Yue Kok
Ham Tin Wan
A little stream at Ham Tin
Inner bay
Calm waters
Sharp Peak
Wonders what’s behind
大浪灣Tai Wan under a rare bright and clear day
After having a rest at the restaurant at Ham Tin, follow the narrow path at the back of the restaurants and head to Tai Wan. Then take the path at the northeastern end of the beach, walk along the contour trail and then drop down to Tung Wan.
A beautiful sandy beach
Tung Wan Shan
Tung Wan
Dazzling colors
Crystal clear
Mai Fan Teng
Cheung Tsui, a giant’s arm protecting Tung Wan
At the eastern end of the campground, take the uphill path to a spot overlooking Tung Wan. Then retrace your steps to Tai Wan.

After returning to Tai Wan, turn right and take the shady path behind the beach, which leads to Cheung Uk Wai. From there, join the MacLehose Trail and climb up to Tai Long Au. Continue along the downhill trail. At the crossing, turn right and descend to Chek Keng pier.

Tai Long Au
Chek Keng
Grass Island
A ferry ride to finish the journey
Sunset glow
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Village Bus No. 29R Sai Kung Town - Sai Wan Pavillion
(Get Off : )
30 min Details
Finishing Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Ferry Grass Island - Wong Shek
(Get On: Chek Keng)
10 min Details
Ferry Grass Island - Ma Liu Shui
(Get On: Chek Keng)
(Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)
Wong Shek - Wan Chai - Chek Keng - Wong Shek
(Get On: Chek Keng)
Speed Boat* Chek Keng - Wong Shek
(Get On: Chek Keng)
5 min Fare negotiable /
Irregular service
*The speedboat operators may not have the license to provide such service. Please assess the risks involved and consider the insurance issues before boarding.
Route Sai Wan Pavillion Chui Tung Au Sai Wan
Time   20 min   20 min  
  Ham Tin Wan Tai Wan
  50 min   15 min   30 min
  Tung Wan Tai Wan Tai Long Au
    30 min   25 min  
  Chek Keng      
  25 min        
Duration 3.5 hours
Distance 12.5 km
  • Restaurants at Sai Wan
  • Restaurants at Ham Tin
  • At Chui Tung Au, take the poorly maintained path at your left, which brings you back to Sai Wan Pavillion
  • At Ham Tin, follow the MacLehose Trail to Chek Keng pier
  • The path between Tai Wan and Tung Wan is narrow and indistinct
  • All the beaches are not managed by Leisure and Cultural Services Department. No lifeguard service is provided.
SummaryThe beaches of Tai Long Wan are undoubtedly the most magnificent beaches in Hong Kong. The bay remains virtually untouched. It is surely a natural wonder that visitors should not miss.
EpilogueThe pictures above do not do justice to the beauty of Tai Long Wan. You must go for yourself to really experience “The backyard of Hong Kong”. They were taken during a number of trekking, swimming and camping, making me realize that it becomes increasingly rare to have such a clear and bright sunny weather in Hong Kong.
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