Tam Tuk Reservoir, being part of the Tai Tam Reservoir completed in 1917, supplies drinking water for the residents of Hong Kong Island to alleviate the insufficient capacity of the other three reservoirs. It also consists of a wetland which was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Tai Tam Road(Tai Tam Country Park)Tai Tam Scout CentreShek O Road (Lan Nai Wan)
Alight at the bus stop, cross the road and descend along the Tai Tam Reservoir Road. After passing the Tai Tam Scout Centre, turn left and continue along the waterfront. Head right after crossing the dam. Make a left turn at the next crossing and join the Hong Kong Trail. Then head right towards Lan Nai Wan via Obelisk Hill and ascend from the concrete trail to Shek O Road.
Western-styled house
Tai Tam Bay
Mudflat covered by high tide
A speedboat lying on the coast
The dam
Walking on the Hong Kong Trail
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 14 Grand Promenade - Stanley Fort
(Get Off : Tai Tam Country Park)
--- --- Details
Bus No. 314
(Sunday and Public Holiday)
SIu Sai Wan (Island Resort) - Stanley
(Get Off : Tai Tam Country Park)
--- ---
Minibus No. 16M Chai Wan Railway Station - Chung Hom Kok
(Get Off : Tai Tam Country Park)
--- --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 9 Shek O -Sau Kei Wan
(Get On : Lan Nai Wan)
15 min --- Details
2.5 hours
6 km
  • Take the trail on the left to Tai Tam Road after crossing the dam
  • Leave to Tai Tam Road after joining the Hong Kong Trail
Please note the tidal information for visiting the wetland
It is a well-defined route with a rather dull catchwater walk at the later part. It is recommended to visit the wetland during low tide.
Without checking the tidal information in advance, we were not able to see the mangrove crab, not even the mudflat.
Hiking : 18 Mar 2005
Revised : 19 Jan 2011