To Yan, meaning the blade of a knife, is one of the popular hiking routes in the northwest of New Territories.
Kadoorie FarmTai To YanPak Tai To YanKei Lak TsaiFung Ying Sin Koon
You may visit the Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden before setting off. The starting point is just opposite to the entrance of the garden. Climb up a flights of steps to Tai To Yan, with a pleasant view over Pat Heng, Kam Tin and Tai Mo Shan.
The view of Tai To Yan from Kadoorie Farm
Blue sky
Chinese Silvergrass
Pak Tai To Yan
The strenuous uphill path
At the crest
A landmark of Tai To Yan
Following some ups and downs, you will reach Pak (North) Tai To Yan. There are two exits on the left (towards Ta Shek Wu and Fanling Railway Station). Take the one leading to Fanling Railway Station and follow the concrete path to Fung Ying Sin Koon via Kei Lak Tsai.
Starting Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 64K Tai Po Market Railway Station - Yuen Long (West)
(Get Off : Kadoorie Farm)
30 min --- Details
Bus No. 65K Tai Po Central - Sheung Tsuen
(Get Off : Kadoorie Farm)
30 min ---
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 278X‧279X‧76K To Various Destinations --- --- Details
Railway Fanling - Various Destinations --- --- Details
4 hours
8.5 km
There is an arduous path for early exit from Tai To Yan to Ta Shek Wu (time and difficulty unknown)
The uphill steps from Kadoorie Farm to Tai To Yan is physically demanding.
Tai To Yan, named as the blade of a sword, is not as dangerous as what it sounds. It is rewarding to get to the summit for the 360 degree panoramic view is fantastic.
Once I left through Wo Hop Shek Cemetery instead of Kei Lak Tsai, but the road at the end was a lot more boring.
Hiking : 11 Dec 2003
Revised : 12 Aug 2010