Tun is located at Sai Kung West Country Park. From the vantage point on top of the hill, one can have a panoramic view over the archipelago of Cham Chuk Wan.
Pak Tam ChungTai TunPak Tam Chung
Finally on the summit
Sharp Peak
Wong Yi Chau
Take the hidden trail at the southwestern end of the car park and follow it all the way to the top.
Cham Chuk Wan
Sweeping view
Muk Yue Tau
Ching Chau
Wa Mei Shan in the distance
Panoramic view
Lush green
Take the treacherous northwestern path and climb down to a designated trail linking Cheung Shan and Pak Tam Chung. Turn right and follow the trail until reaching a crossing. Take the right trail to join the Pak Tam Chung Family walk.
Clouds over Sharp Peak
A sunny day
From there, turn right again and head back to Pak Tam Chung car park.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Minibus No. 7 Sai Kung Town - Hoi Ha
(Get Off : Pak Tam Chung)
15 min Details
Minibus No. 9 Sai Kung Town - Lady Maclehose Holiday Village
(Get Off : Pak Tam Chung)
15 min Details
Bus No. 94 Sai Kung Town - Wong Shek
(Get Off : Pak Tam Chung)
15 min Details
Bus No. 96R
Diamond Hill Railway Station- Wong Shek
(Get Off : Pak Tam Chung)
--- Details
Finishing Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Same As Above
Route Pak Tam Chung Tai Tun Pak Tam Chung
Time   1 hr   1.5 hr  
Duration2.5 hours
Distance4.5 km
Supply None
  • The path leading to the top is shrubbery and not shaded.
  • The path descending from Tai Tun is treacherous and indistinct. Recommended for experienced hikers with greater physical strength.
SummaryThe summit of Tai Tun is a great vantage for enjoying the panorama view of the offshore islets in Cham Chuk Wan. The uphill path was densely vegetated and it is arduous getting down the slope.
EpilogueHaving been disappointed by a gloomy view on an overcast day nine months ago, I climbed up Tai Tun, attempting to take a few good shots on the summit. Luck was on my side this time. The weather was excellent today, clear and bright, though it was steaming hot.

After parking the car at Pak Tam Chung, I climbed up the indistinct path leading straight up to the top. It was particularly tough walking through the shrubbery trail. I was short of breath when I was half-way up.

A cop was missing while hiking in Sai Kung just a couple of days ago. There was not a soul to be seen and I felt a bit uneasy. Feeling exhausted, I got to the summit. The platform there is a beautiful resting place, overlooking the scattered islets in Cham Chuk Wan. I spent a long time taking pictures and admiring the sweeping view alone.

Following a treacherous descent, I returned to Pak Tam Chung. As it was still early, I drove to Nai Chung, hoping to keep up the good mood. The distance was short but I enjoyed the freedom driving brought me under the glorious sky.

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