Fu Tsai, a well-known campground in the New Territories, is situated in the middle distance of the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail.
Tsuen Wan Adventist HospitalHa Fa ShanShek Lung KungTin Fu TsaiTsing Fai TongShum Tseng
Set off at the staircase opposite to Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital. Cross the catchwater and ascend to Ha Fa Shan. Follow the signpost and walk along the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail to Shek Lung Kung.
Rural farms
Ha Fa Shan
Vista opens up
Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail
Shek Lung Kung
Take the right path and continue on the ancient trail. After joining the concret road, turn left and then take the right path at the next crossing. This path takes you to another concrete road. From there, turn left for a short distance and then take the path on the right (leaving ancient trail), heading to Tin Fu Tsai. At the entrance of the camp site, turn left and then take the right path . Cross the road at the next fork and follow the trail right ahead and descend to Tsing Fai Tong.
Join the concrete path to Tin Fu Tsai
Passing through clumps of bamboo
Tin Fu Tsai
The stream beside the camp site
Tsing Fai Tong
After leaving Tsing Fai Tong, make a left turn at the next crossing and follow all the way down to Sham Tseng.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 39M Tsuen Wan Railway Station - Allway Gardens
(Get Off : Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital)
15 min --- Details
Bus No. 30X Whampoa Garden - Allway Gardens
(Get Off : Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital)
--- ---
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 52X Tuen Mun Central - Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
(Get On : Sham Tseng)
--- --- Details
Bus No. 53 Yuen Long (East) - Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
(Get On : Sham Tseng)
--- ---
Bus No. 234A‧234B Sea Crest Villa - Tsuen Wan West Railway Station
(Get On : Sham Tseng)
--- ---
Route Adventist Hospital Ha Fa Shan Shek Lung Kung
Time   1 hr 15 min  
  Tin Fu Tsai Tsing Fai Tong
  1 hr 15 min   15 min   1 hr
  Sham Tseng        
4 hours
9 km
Store at Tsing Fai Tong
  • The walk involves some demanding climbs and descent
  • Bring a map as there are many jucntions
The route features the splendid scene of Tsing Ma Bridge spanning across Ma Wan Channel. Tin Fu Tsai, with delightful views of gurgling stream and wooden bridge, is a lovely site for picnicking or outing.
Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail is quite a long distance trail. One may follow this route for a shorter trip.
Hiking : 25 Jul 2003‧29 Feb 2004
Revised : 2011