Kwa Peng, sitting next to Wong Shek pier, is an abandoned fishing village not suffering from over development, making it a favorable habitat for native plant and mangrove species.
Tsak Yue WuPak Tam AuChek KengTo Kwa PengWong Shek
The starting point of the Pak Tam Country Trail is right opposite to the bus stop at Tsak Yue Wu. Follow the sign and climb up. Turn left at the crossing (the right path leads to Luk Wu) and follow all the way until reaching a road, where the AFCD Management Centre is located. Follow the sign next to centre. Take the left path towards Pak Tam Au (Pak Tam Road). Then turn right to reach the concrete path leading to Chek Keng. Descent from there and turn right at the next crossing to Chek Keng.

Retrace your step back to the last crossing and head to To Kwa Peng. Keep to the right all the way, joining the Wong Shek Country Trail. Lastly follow the trail to Wong Shek Pier.

Common White
Common Tiger
Ko Tong Hau
Descending to Chek Keng
Chek Keng Hau, with Sharp Peak roaring at the far end
Youth Hostel at the farther coast
Mudflat at Chek Keng
Pier at TO Kwa Peng
Feather like clouds
Mudflat at TO Kwa Peng
Mangrove seedling enjoying a sunbath
Unpolluted To Kwa Peng
Tung Sam Kei
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 94 Sai Kung Town - Wong Shek
(Get Off : Tsak Yue Wu)
20 min $6.1 Details
Bus No. 96R
(Sunday & Public Holiday)
Diamond Hill Railway Station - Wong Shek
(Get Off : Tsak Yue Wu)
20 min $17.3
Minibus No. 7 Sai Kung Town - Hoi Ha
(Get Off : Tsak Yue Wu)
15 min $10.7 Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Bus No. 94 Wong Shek - Sai Kung Town
(Get On : Wong Shek Pier)
30 min --- Details
Bus No. 96R
(Sunday & Public Holiday)
Wong Shek - Diamond Hill Railway Station
(Get On : Wong Shek Pier)
65 min ---
Route Tsak Yue Wu Pak Tam Au Chek Keng
Time   1 hr   40 min  
  To Kwa Peng Wong Shek  
  40 min   40 min    
Duration 3 hours
Distance 8 km
  • Leave at Pak Tam Au
  • Take a speedboat or ferry to Wong Shek at Chek Keng pier
SummaryThe downhill footpath leading to Chek Keng is well maintained and good for a leisure stroll with pleasant view over To Kwa Peng.
EpilogueIn contrast to Chek Keng, To Kwa Peng offers a more natural rural setting, even though the footpaths are poorly maintained (which has now been paved). Sometimes I wonder resurfacing the trails in the countryside is necessary or not.
Revision Hiking : 7 Jul 2004
Revised : 20 Dec 2012