Pang Kok Tsui, stretching out from Sai Wan Shan, is one of the most intriguing headlands in Sai Kung. Many sheltered inlets formed along the west coast of Tsang Pang Kok Tsui, which could best be admired by walking from Long Ke Wan to the east dam of the reservoir.
Sai Wan PavillionChui Tung AuSai Wan ShanTai Yue Ngam TengCheung Ngam TengTsang Pang Kok TengTsang Pang KokCheung Ngam TengLong Ke TsaiLong KeHigh Island Reservoir East Dam
Commence at Sai Wan Pavilion, follow the surfaced path to Chui Tung Au. Head right and climb uphill to Sai Wan Shan, where a pavilion is located. Walk a short distance down the MacLehose Trail, turn left and descend along the narrow dirt path. At the fork, keep left and stay to the left all the way and then climb up to Tai Yue Ngam Teng .
Fasinating High Island Reservoir
Tai Yue Ngam Teng seems not as steep in this angle of view
Tai Yue Ngam Teng, one of the sharpest peaks in Sai Kung
Retrace to the fork and make a turn to the southerly path towards Cheung Ngam Teng. Continue along the ridge to Tsang Pang Kok Teng. Facing southwards, the path seems to be disappeared. Keep walking the steady slope towards Tsang Pang Kok and the path resurfaces to the right, leading you to the southern tip.
After having a rest, go back the same way to Cheung Ngam Teng. After descending from Cheung Ngam Teng, veer left and follow the downhill trail to Long Ke Tsai (you should note carefully the concealed path leading from Long Ke Tsai to the hillside path). Not far from the estuary of the stream running at the end of the beach, climb up to the fairly dangerous hillside path. The shrubbery trails ramify near Long Ke. Look for a downhill path and descend to Long Ke Beach. Join the MacLehose Trail alongside the barbecue site and continue on the concrete trail to the east dam of High Island Reservoir.
Beautiful Cheung Ngam Wan
Tai Yue Ngam Teng to the left
Wild land
A pleasant view
Conic Island shapes like a cone
Cliffs at Tsang Pang Kok
Panoramic view of Tseng Pang Kok Tsui, with numerous sheltered inlets
Long Ke colored by mosses
Long Ke Wan
Dusk at High Island
Sun setting at east dam
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Village Bus No. 29R Sai Kung Town - Sai Wan Pavillion
(Get Off : Sai Wan Pavillion)
30 min $15 Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Taxi East Dam - Sai Kung Town
(East Dam of High Island Reservoir )
30 min $110 ---
Duration 6 hours
Distance 10 km
Supply None
ExitDescend from Sai Wan Shan and follow the MacLehose Trail to east dam of High Island Reservoir via Long Ke
  • It is a fairly long and strenuous hike. Be prepared for a long walk without shade after Sai Wan Pavilion.
  • Ascending and descending Tai Yue Ngam Teng are somewhat dangerous
  • The path from Long Ke Tsai leading to Long Ke is indistinct, involving a treacherous walk on the edge of the cliff
SummaryThe route to the remote Tsang Pang Kok Tsui involves a lengthy walk on exposed trail, filling with constantly changing views of offshore islets, mysterious sea caves, fantastic beaches and rolling hills.
EpilogueDespite Tsang Pang Kok Tsui is not as well known as Cheung Tsui, its diverse landscape is comparable to, if not better than, that of Cheung Tsui.
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Revised : 14 Oct 2011