Lan Shue, where the stage four of the Wilson Trail passes, is a rural village located in Sai Kung East Country Park.
Tseng Lan ShueWong Keng TsaiTai Lam WuTung Yeung ShanTate's CairnTemple Hill
Set off at Tsuen Lan Shue, walk towards the village after crossing the bridge. A short distance head, there is a farmland whre the starting point is just behind it. Follow the Wilson Trail until you see a fork. Turn right to go along the nice boulder track way, Sai Kung Ancient Trail. Reaching the road at Tai Lam Wu, follow the catchwater and you should notice a sign post to your left, which directs you going uphill for about 400 meters to Tung Yeung Shan, with an panoramic view over Sai Kung.
Sai Kung Town
Splendid view over Sai Kung
A clear blue sky
The mounds to the south
Greenish Buffalo Hill
Kiu Tsui Chau
Descend to the west, continuing on the road to Shatin Pass via Fei Ngor Shan Road and Shatin Pass Road. Then follow the downhill path near the pavillion to the Tsz Wan Shan North bus terminal.
Rolling hills in bright green color
Pat Sin Leng rises in the distance
Clouds over the horizon
Shafts of sunlight
Starting Point Route Duration
Bus No. 91‧91M‧92 To Various Destinations
(Get Off : Tseng Lan Shue)
Minibus No. 1‧1A‧1S To Sai Kung
(Get Off : Tseng Lan Shue)
End Point Route Duration
Minibus No. 37A Tsz Wan Shan (North)- Wong Tai Sin Railway Station
(Get On : Tsz Wan Shan (North) Terminus)
15 min
Bus No. 3C2F Tsz Wan Shan - Various Destinations
(Get On : Tsz Wan Shan (North) Terminus)
3 hours
8 km
Small restaurant at Shatin Pass
Leave at Tate’s Pass towards Clear Water Bay Road
Difficult flights of steps from Tai Lam to Wu Tung Yeung Shan
There is a fabulous view over Sai Kung on the way up to Tung Yeung Shan but the road at the later sections are quite boring.
It was a hot day in March 2007 yet it was one of the clearest days I have ever seen. The view was fabulous under snow white clouds and deep blue sky.
Hiking : 09 Jul 2003‧22 Dec 2003
Revised : 12 Aug 2010