Bei Tsui, with its fish ponds, mangroves and mudflat, nourishes a wide variety of animal species, forming a ecologically important habitat with the neighboring Mai Po Marshes.
Viewing PointTsim Bei TsuiShing Uk Tsuen
Heading to the lookout
Wetland around Tsim Bei Tsui
Great Egg-fly
well-grown mangrove
Watching from above
Emerald green
A shy little crab
Fiddler crab
Lush green
Name unknown
Village house
Close to the city
Clumps of reed
Easily recognised Variegated Flutterer
Kai Shan
Get off at the roundabout, head to the car park and take the stairs up to the viewing point. Get back to the car park and take the road at the right. Then follow the main road after passing the police post. Cross the stream and pass the village house near the fish ponds and then turn right. Take a right turn after passing a number of fish ponds and finally head to Shing Uk Tsuen.
Starting Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 35 Yuen Long (Tai Fung Street) - Tsim Bei Tsui
(Get Off : Tsim Bei Tsui)
--- --- Details
End Point Route Duration Fare Operating Hour
Minibus No. 74 Shing Uk Tsuen - Yuen Long (Fook Hong Street)
(Get On : Shing Uk Tsuen)
--- --- Details
Duration 2 hours
Distance 4 km
Supply None
Exit None
Note Recommended to visit in Autumn or Winter seasons for watching migratory birds
SummarySurrounded by a number of fish ponds and mangrove, Tsim Bei Tsui is a great place for bird-watching and little creatures such as fiddler crab or pond-skipper.
EpilogueNot many birds could be seen in spring. The villagers suggested us to visit in autumn or winter when we might even see the endangered black-faced spoonbill.
Revision Hiking : 25 Apr 2005
Revised : 29 Jun 2012