Lung Chau, home of a three-hundred year old fort and an ancient rock carving ,is a well-known site for wild-camping, mountaineering and barbeque.
Tung Lung Chau Ferry PierLuk Keng WanTung Lung FortFerry Pier
Alight at the pier, climb up the steps and turn right at the restaurant. Follow the trail up to a lookout (you may follow the signpost towards the ancient rock carving) and continue on to Luk Keng Wan. Go downhill and make a right turn at the fork to the signal station and the cliff. Retrace your steps to the fork and turn right. Keep on the concrete path to the signal station located at the top. Skirt a short distance around the signal station, follow a northerly and shrubbery path, descending to the camp ground. Take the path by the pavillion to visit Tung Lung Fort. Head back to the camp ground and walk past the plaque and follow the trail to the restaurant. Then turn left, following a concrete path and descend to the pier.
Yellow Foxtail
An elegant flower
Balloon Flower
The water is clear
Looks like a pier
A rocky beach behind Luk Keng Wan
Luk Keng Wan
On the edge of a cliff
Climbing up
It gets darker when we leave
Starting Point Route Duration
Ferry Sam Ka Tsuen (Lei Yue Mun) - Tung Lung Chau
(Get Off : Tung Lung Chau)
Ferry Sai Wan Ho (Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter) - Tung Lung Chau
(Get Off : Tung Lung Chau)
End Point Route Duration
Same As Above
4 hours
7 km
Restaurant located between the camp ground and the pier
Skip the signal station at Luk Keng Wan
  • The downhill path leading to the campsite is bushy and strenuous
  • The section from the ferry pier to the camp ground is not sheltered
The initial section is a fairly easy concrete-paved trail but the downhill path leading to the campsite is bushy and rather strenuous. Only Luk Keng Wan is worth visiting.
There is not much information on the trails of Tung Lung Chau and the downhill hill was unexpectedly difficult for us.
Hiking : 8 Aug 2004
Revised : 1 Feb 2014