O Ancient Trail, also known as Tung Tai Ancient Trail, was a major footpath between Tung Chung and Tai O in the old days. The trail runs along the coastline of northern Lantau, passing a few villages, namely San Tau, Sha Lo Wan, San Shek Wan, Sham Shek Tsuen and Sham Wat.
Yat Tung EstateSan TauHau Hok WanSha Lo WanSan Shek WanSham Shek TsuenSham WatTai O
Set out at Yat Tung Estate, take the path by the catchwater of Fuk Yat House and head to the shore. Cross the bridge behind the football field and keep on the trail to San Tau.

At the crossing, turn left to Sha Lo Wan (the right path leads to the pier) and proceed to San Shek Wan. After passing Sham Shek Tsuen, continue along the trail to Sham Wat, where you may have a rest at the restaurants.

Take the concrete footpath to the right. The path turns into a dirt trail later, which brings you to Tai O. Pass through the stilt houses, cross Sun Ki Bridge and then walk to Tai O bus terminus.

Seashore at San Shek Wan
Watching the planes landing
Hau Hok Wan
Heart-shaped leaves
Lavender Sorrel
Line up in order
The tranquility of Sam Wat
Small pier at Sam Wat
A boat on shore
Little stream at Sam Wat
Does somebody purposely align the rocks?
Clear sky
Hong Kong Airport
Hills at Tai O
Coast of Tai O
Setting sun
Tai O village
Sunset glow
The afterglow
Pleasant memories
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Bus No. 37 Caribbean Coast - Yat Tung Estate
(Get Off : Yat Tung Estate)
10 mins Details
Bus No. 38 Tung Chung Railway Station - Yat Tung Estate
(Get Off : Yat Tung Estate)
10 mins Details
Bus No. S64 Airport - Yat Tung Estate (Circular)
(Get Off : Yat Tung Estate)
--- Details
Finishing Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hours
Bus No. 1 Tai O - Mui Wo
(Get On: Tai O)
--- Details
Bus No. 11 Tai O - Tung Chung
(Get On: Tai O)
--- Details
Duration 4 hours
Distance 13.5 km
Supply Small restaurants at Sham Wat
ExitTake the ferry en route from Tai O to Tuen Mun (with stopovers at Sha Lo Wan and Tung Chung)
SummaryThe ancient trail passes a couple of beautiful bays and quite villages with pleasant costal views. It is a well-defined trail and mostly surfaced, but also a rather long one.
EpilogueThe construction of the proposed HongKong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, with San Shek Wan as the landing point, would inevitably create serious environmental and cultural impacts on the bays and villages. Each time when I visit the villages and the bays, I couldn’t help but wonder if it is my last time enjoying their tranquility.
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