Ping Chau, a flat island located in Mirs Bay, is designated the fourth Marine Park in Hong Kong for its diverse coral communities and rock formations.
Ferry PierTai Tong WanCheung Sha WanChau Mei KokCham Keng ChauLung Lok ShuiLan Kwo ShuiKang Lau ShekA Ma WanFerry Pier
After alighting at the pier, make a right turn, then leave the trail and follow the shoreline to Tai Tong Wan and Cheung Sha Wan. Join the country trail after reaching Chau Mei Kok. The vista opens up after a section of shaded trail and a side path brings you to Cham Keng Chau. Head back to the trail and visit Lung Lok Shui, Lan Kwo Shui and Kan Lau Shek respectively. Walk along the beach of A Ma Wan and head back to the pier.
Starting at the pier
The lanscape stops me again
Tai Tong Wan
Looking back
Sedimentary rock
Common Bluebottle
Panoramic view of Tai Tong Wan
One more shot
How can I miss it
Anlers at Chau Mei Kok
Absolutely fabulous landscape
Shore at low tide
Facing the sea
Colorful stones
Bright blue sky
The famous Cham Keng Chau
Common Mime
Lung Lun Tsaui
Picturesque landscape
Layers over layers
Lung Lok Shui
Another fasinating coastal view
Hoi Lo Tung
Stunning sedimentary rock strata
Lan Kwo Shui
Kang Lau Shek is a sea stack
It's to rare to see nobody standing on the stack
It shapes like egyptian remains
Layers and patterns
Sea stack from another angle
Rock crab
Sea urchin
Sea anemone
Platygyra sinensis at low tide
Last shot
Starting Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Ferry Ma Liu Shui - Tung Ping Chau
(Get Off : Tung Ping Chau)
1.5 hr Details
End Point Route Duration Fare & Operating Hour
Same As Above
3.5 hours
6 km
  • Turn left to the pier after visiting Cham Keng Chau
  • Turn left to the pier after visiting Lung Lok Shui
  • To keep away from the local tours, follow the country trail in an tni-clockwisr direction
  • Please note the tidal information for visiting some of the sightseeing spots such as Lan Kwo Shui
This is a gentle walk circling around the island with numerous exclusive geological landforms and striking natural landscapes.
We came across at least 3 local tours at the University Railway Station, wondering if the island could accommodate all these people.

It was cloudy in the morning, with some drizzles. But the sky cleared up while we arrived Tung Ping Chau.

Following the suggestions of other hikers, we set out our walk in an anti-clockwise direction and successfully kept away from the local tours. The landscapes are as magnificent as it were ten years ago, but trashes were everywhere, probably because of the large number of visitors.

Hiking : 18 Jul 2004‧03 Jul 2005
Revised : 28 Mar 2011